PIC Australia - Module 1 Intro

Module 1 – Introduction to Pig Production Genetics

2 December 2021 Good genetics is the foundation of good production
PIC Australia - Module 2 and 3 Improvement

Module 2 – Genetic Improvement Part A

2 December 2021 A trait is any gene-determined attribute for an animal or plant with most traits often regulated by more than one gene.
PIC Australia - Module 2 and 3 Improvement

Module 3 – Genetic Improvement Part B

2 December 2021 In the PIC Breeding Program, goals are set for various traits, which are regularly re-evaluated according to market trends and customer requirements.
PIC Australia - Module 4 Dissemination

Module 4 – Genetic Dissemination and Lag

2 December 2021 Genetic Dissemination and Lag and how to manage it in a commercial herd.
PIC Australia - Module 5 Genomics

Module 5 – Genomics

2 December 2021 A genotype is just a genetic map, which is made up of traits which sets a plant or animal’s genetic potential.
PIC Australia - Module 6 Breeding Goals

Module 6 – Development, Evaluation and Attainment of a Breeding Goal

2 December 2021 PIC Breeding Programs are made up of sub-goals that all contribute towards the final target.

Mating Technical Module-Semen storage & Insemination

1 December 2021 While there are still producers that prefer to use natural matings the majority of the Australian Pig Industry uses either Artificial insemination (AI) or Post
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ASF – What is it & how to plan for business continuity

1 December 2021 African Swine Fever and is a highly contagious and deadly disease, caused by a virus that can affect both domestic and feral pigs.