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Technical Modules

Good genetics is the foundation of good production

PIC Australia - Module 2 and 3 Improvement

Boar Stud Management Guidelines

This manual is meant to be applicable to boar studs across the world and country-specific regulations and practices have been excluded. The intent is to provide useful information regardless of your geographical location, operation size, facilities or technical equipment.

Gilt and Sow Management Guidelines

The guidelines focus on production management and we have chosen to leave out biosecurity and health protocols and acclimatization practices. We suggest you reach out to your herd veterinarian or our Health Assurance team to develop a tailored program based on your circumstances.

Oestrus Induction Plan

Flow chart of the Gilt Oestrus Induction Plan

Farrow House

Farrowing shed tours are all about inspecting all pigs regularly.

Heat Detection Card

Successful Heat Detection in Gilts and Sows.

Gilt Selection

Age and weight can vary. Generally defined as a 22-week minimum and 230 pounds (104 kg). Normal selection rate varies between 60% and 80%. If you are below or above this contact your PIC representative.