Camborough® 42

The Camborough® is an outstanding mother. Bred to maximize the kilograms of weaned pigs per year with excellent feed efficiency. The Camborough® range of parent gilts are recognised amongst the world’s most prolific and genetically improved females. The Camborough® range is bred using a specialised BLUP program incorporating PICTarq™ and Genomic technology to continually improve litter size, litter weaning weight, lean growth rate, feed efficiency, feet and leg soundness and teat number.

PIC Australia - Camborough 42

The Camborough® 42 is the ideal choice for producers who want to experience the combination of high prolificacy with less cost to produce a pig.

Economic Drivers:

  • Large litters with uniform and vigorous piglets
  • Low-costs per weaned piglet
  • Long productive sow life
  • Low sow mortality

For questions about this product or other products that are regionally available, please contact your local PIC representative.